Welcome to the Law Office of Jay M. Drillings

I appear in court on your behalf so you do not miss time from work or can remain at home with your family.

I have the most reasonable and affordable fees in the Catskills – Hudson Valley Region.

I answer all inquiries myself, and I PERSONALLY appear in court for every case as I am an attorney not a “ticket agent”.  I resolve several hundred cases each year serving many clients from Manhattan, Brooklyn, NY, Lakewood, NJ, Canada and Israel. I also represent many college students, traveling to and from SUNY Binghamton, Albany, Buffalo, Cornell University, Syracuse University, Cortland and Ithaca to name a few.


  • Reduce or eliminate points
  • Resolve problems with insurance
  • Try to avoid DMV / Driver Assessments and Revocations
  • Lift suspensions / revocations


Education and Experience

Graduated SUNY Binghamton – 1986
Graduated Albany Law School – 1989

Admitted to practice in New York 1990, North Carolina 1996, and Florida 1996. I opened my office in May 1998 after starting my legal career with the Sullivan Legal Aid, Bureau.